Three-dimensional metamorphosis in design
The aim of this exercise is to develop an understanding of the cognitive processes inherent in applying morphological and form analogies. This includes the use of 3D progressive metamorphoses, starting with natural elements (animal or vegetable), or existing products, and finishing in an existing product design. This pair should be selected on the basis of a form analogy and similar “spirit” or emotional signal or response.

Platform Leader | Christian Boucharenc | Jieyu Yong
1 | Tan Rongli
The shinguard is used for protecting the shin during soccer games much like how the mask protects the face and the identity of the wearer. The metamorphosis shows how the 3 distinctive lines of the shinguard transform to the eyebrows, nose and the mouth of the mask. The metamorphosis products were sculpted from clay and coated in matt white paint to show the craftsmanship of the pieces.

2 | Low Joo Tat
This metamorphosis highlights the form analogies between a penguin and a baby bottle. Both have a bulky body with a pointed tip contrasted with two thin arms hanging from the sides. In terms of spirit, both are related to some feeling of clumsiness and cuteness.