Skin & Bones
This “Skin & Bones” studio is explorative in nature, beginning with the subject of skin and bones as a source of inspiration and research. Skin is primarily a covering, a membrane that has sensation. Bones are structures that have moving mechanics, usually consisting of formations of various complexities.

The students sought inspiration from the physical and emotional value of both Skin & Bones, and interpreted them in their projects. The diverse outcomes display a particular investigation into “Skin” or “Bones”, or both, within five contexts: Workspace, Wearable, Objects, Installation and Furniture.

Students were encouraged to adopt prototyping right from the beginning; discovering, developing and testing their explorations.

Platform Leader : Clement Zheng, Timothy Wong & Priscilla Lui (Studio Juju)
Morphology is a series of phone sleeves designed in silicone rubber. It is inspired by the intimate relationship between objects and our skin, expressed through embossing a natural texture on an object we frequently come into contact with.

Cai Zhixiang | Wilson Teng, Alejandro Vera