The Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, B.A. (ID), undergraduate honours programme, consists of courses crafted with our synergistic three-pronged approach:

  • 1 Design Thinking:
    Out-of-box innovation strategies and investigative methods to discover new ideas and unmet needs.

  • 2 Multi-Disciplinary Attitudes:
    Behavioural science, social economics, business strategy, engineering and technology knowledge develops entrepreneurial strategic thinking and holistic problem-solving capabilities.

  • 3 Artistic Sensibility:
    Training of imagination, taste, and craft-like ability to give pleasing and appropriate aesthetics and emotion to ideas, through traditional and 2D/3D digital means, so that solutions are both functional and desirable.

The combined approaches equips our graduates with high-level strategic thinking, and enables them to translate problems and ideas to tangible, desirable solutions i.e. meaningful products, environments and experiences that people love to have, love to use and is impactful to their everyday lives.
A constantly evolving course with spectacular results
We have established a solid core of education methodology that produces extraordinary results. As designers, we are constantly coming up with creative and relevant ways to improve quality of life. The teaching pedagogy evolves in tandem, constantly improving, evolving and staying relevant through the times.

We have a core foundational programme that instils in our students a strong sensibility to what good design is, and equips them with a solid set of tools, skills, abilities and methods to generate ideas and create meaningful concepts and prototypes to improve and create new objects, systems, services, applications etc. The multiple awards bagged by the Division are testament to the success of the programme in producing award-winning graduates and in creating designs that have a positive impact on society.
Thinking by doing and making
As part of our strategy to constantly evolve and be at the forefront of design innovation, a major component of the course is a series of industry-sponsored ‘vertical studio platforms’. Students form project teams comprising a mix of year 2 to year 4 students, encouraging cross-pollination of thoughts, skills and learning. 

In these platforms, students tackle both conceptual and real-life projects led by our industry collaborators. Through collaborations with companies in our design platforms such as Asus, NUH, Dell, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Tupperware, Toshiba, Osim, ICI, Swarovski, OCBC bank, Risis, Nakamichi etc. students take on a variety of projects, benefitting from feedback and comments of professionals in the industry. The Division’s close ties with the industry assimilate students to multiple companies and opens up job opportunities for them.

Students get to tailor their individual course during the 4 years by selecting from amongst different industry platforms. Each student will get the opportunity to be involved in 6-7 of these projects.