Making Make
Through the design platform “making make”, students mashed the effectiveness of manufacturing coupled with the artisanal charm of craft and made single person operated instrument/s capable of assisting them in producing small batches of a product. This intentional slowness presented opportunities of producing innovative products imbued with characteristics determined by the making process that would otherwise be unthinkable with mass production techniques.

Platform Leader | Hans Tan
Crumple is a series of vessels, each formed by manipulating a single sheet of metal. Holes are drilled around the perimeter of the metal sheet, each secured with a metal eyelet. A nylon string is woven through these holes and knotted on one end. This string is then forcibly pulled in quick successions through an apparatus repurposed from a stool, which causes the edges of the metal sheet to deform and create a vessel-like form.

Kelly Yap

Casting porcelain slip on fabric captures its drapery, tension and texture. A custom-made contraption is used to enable the delicate procedure of casting liquid clay on a piece of tensioned cloth. The resulting porcelain ware once vitrified is preciously thin and light, with a captivating texture that flows and ebbs like cloth. The artisanal technique of production generates no two pieces that are ever alike.

Lee Han Xi