Zheng Han John


John enjoys experimenting with different aspects of design, going throughdifferent methodology to refine his own. He strongly believes good design can befound at the end of the tunnel, a tunnel filled with models and prototypes.


The appropriate tool for toddlers as early as two years old to explore their potential talent in photography. Shutterbud conforms comfortably to the ergonomics of a child with dedicated handles and immersive screen display.


Organic binding elements are incorporated into cremains to form naturalistic forms like pebbles and branches, which encourages the placement and scattering of cremains at more natural places without disturbing the landscape. By leaving the pebbles or branches singularly or as an arranged cluster at specifically chosen sites, the elements become the core of a personal sanctuary to remember the deceased.

Designed with Desiree Lim

In collaboration with Nirvana Memorial Garden

Enlivened Objects

Enlivened Objects take everyday mundane actions and turn them into more appreciative and delightful moments. Light cheerful sounds are produced when interacting with the products, from watering of plants to stirring of cups, every action is elevated to a more conscious moment.

Designed with Guo Hong

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