Yuen Hin Nam


Nam enjoys creative problem solving, and tinkering with mechanical things. He believes that curiosities and new experiences are invaluable assets when coming up with creative solutions.


Ametri is a folding bicycle designed for Singaporean commuters. Users are able to fold and roll it into public transportation easily, compared to other folding bicycles. While folded, the caster wheel enables omnidirectional manoeuvrability. The dimensions of Ametri are also within LTA’s constraints, making it the perfect cross-modal transportation device.

Bud Bracelet

Bud Bracelet is a conceptual design project for Smart Nation Singapore. Designed for the elderly, each module represents a friend, and can be connected to form a band or bracelet using magnets. Modules are meant to be swapped, to encourage social activity. A complete band symbolically represents the formation of a “social circle”. When in distress, the red panic button can be activated to notify friends, indicative by a blinking LED light on the silicon strip.

In collaboration with Prime Minister Office (Singapore)


Vetterscope is a stethoscope designed for veterinary use. Vets require a lot of dexterity when using the stethoscope on animals. Animals often fidget, requiring the vet to use both hands to stabilise the animal in order to diagnose it with the stethoscope. As such, the Vetterscope encourages dexterity by enabling vets to wear their stethoscope with one hand, using a pinch-mount mechanism. The ergonomic hand latch also allows vets to use the stethoscope, while still applying pressure on an animal for better control and stability.

In collaboration with Georgia Tech

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