Timothy Loh Wen Bin


Timothy believes in challenging the status quo. This is done so with empathy, insight, foresight and planning in every design challenge. He aims to maintain an intricate balance between purposeful designs and aesthetic values. Ultimately, he is a problem solver on a constant search for creating value for community and society at large.

THINKAT: Caregiver Facilitation Toolkit

THINKAT is an integrated and customizable toolkit with key types of cognitive activities. It has features of scalable levels of difficulty and modularity for faster transition between activities. Elements in invoking reminiscence are also embedded. This all-in-one toolkit allows for better facilitation of caregivers with dementia individuals during group therapy sessions.

In collaboration with Sunlove Home Dementia Daycare Centre & Family of Wisdom Programme, Alzheimer’sDisease Association of Singapore


Labyrinth, an exhibition booth, draws inspirations from the vastness and intricacy of an art gallery room. Labyrinth consists of a series of rooms which are linked through archways. Each room showcases two L’Oreal brands with accompanying collaterals. This allows patrons to experience consistent brand discovery whenever they enter each subsequent room

Designed with Goh Jie Shieng

In collaboration with L’oreal Travel Retail Asia Pacific


Chord-Tet is the result of an exploration in creating value from ordinary value-store products. It is a series of 3D-printed bell triggers which are coupled with budget glassware of different innate sonorous qualities. This assembled setup invites playful users to experiment with different arrangements of glassware in creating unique tunes and melodies.

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