Tan Sei Yee


Never one who shies away from the extremes, Sei Yee is interested in the new and radical ideas. To him, Design is what the future can be, and should be.


Objects are usually designed from positive inspirations. What happens when we design objects from an unusual starting point? Doooor is designed from the word ‘laziness’. It is a door that is coaxed open, opening a bit at a time. Doooor can fold, roll, swing open, and naturally close by itself without complex mechanisms. With its fluid nature and light-hearted interaction, Doooor shows us that doors can be much more than just an entrance or an exit.


Tups by Tupperware is a novel temporary storage system, designed for micro-kitchens. By utilizing the usually unused area under the overhead cabinet, it maximises space and allows users to freely explore recipes, no longer bound by small countertops. Tups allows for greater convenience, offers more space, and a hassle-free experience.

Designed with Jacqueline Lau, Tan Sei Yee, and Yap Jiali Kelly

In collaboration with Tupperware


Esper is a home medication system that is borne out of the ‘Internet of things’ and the rising trend of self-diagnosis. Everyday objects communicate with esper, providing data for esper to diagnose illnesses. A printer then produces the transdermal stickers that adjusts its own medication dosage according to the diagnosis.

Designed with Au Hui Ying and Tan Xin Yu

In collaboration with Dell

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