Shubhangi Paul

Shubhangi believes that human experiences can be improved by optimising everyday mundane processes and systems that we're all part of. Previously a medical student, her heart lies in exploring common grounds between design and healthcare to enrich everyday lives with more meaning.

Find Your Voice

‘Find Your Voice’ is a digital platform that helps stroke survivors transition from assisted speech therapy to independent communication rehabilitation. It aims to empower patients to regain their communication abilities faster by re-structuring the rehabilitation process after they can no longer avail professional therapy. It provides customised communication strategies that focus on their strengths while still working on weaknesses, setting them on right track to independent, self-assisted rehabilitation.


Envision is a service for transitioning working adults that forms a bridge between planning and goals. It educates users to set early goals that are relevant to them as individuals and enables them to visualise their dreams along the way as they plan. It also motivates them to imbibe the habit of saving for each milestone of their lives by allowing collective goals, peer-to-peer encouragement and personalised incentives.

Designed with Teresa Khoo and Tony Choi

In collaboration with OCBC


Hush is a family planning kit that works as both as contraception and conception aid as need. It is a discrete and non-invasive option for women, to empower them to make their own decisions concerning their reproductive health. The vital functions are enabled by graphene, a nanomaterial.

Designed with Yeo Hui Ci

In collaboration with Graphene Research Centre

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