Seah Ying Xin

As an industrial designer, Ying Xin always aims to design with the intention to meaningfully combine and balance beauty with utility. She values anthropocentric design, particularly human-centric spatial design. She spent one semester as a retail space designer in Dior.

Re-imagination of Adam Food Centre

This re-imagined Adam Food Centre is no longer just an eating place for our Indian or Malay cuisine fix, it is also a sanctuary where customers can enjoy a temporary escape from their mundane lives. The integration of vegetation within the space creates a forest-like dining experience, a reminiscence of the kampong days where our ancestors used to live and dine amongst nature.


Vue is a contemporary re-interpretation of the Guerlain’s long history and rich heritage. The design is largely inspired by the Art Deco of Guerlain’s beauty institute from 1939. The boundary of the space is defined using geometric blocky elements that also double as display shelves and windows. The store is characterized by unexpected cuts and angles of the elements to create entrances and three alcoves. Each space possesses their own individuality. The view and experience changes constantly as customers move from one space to another.

Designed with Allison Yip Yee Roo

In collaboration with Guerlain

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