Matthew Wong

- Matthew values the connection people have with food as well as the science behind it. He is interested in the cross modal aspects of design and food and generates questions that seem absurd. What if we can eat light? How would that feel? By doing so, he hopes to create new, gastronomic experiences filled with delight.

Fidget Lollies

Fidgeting is a stimulation strategy that helps us maintain focus on a task, however it is often perceived as a nuisance. Fidget Lollies challenges this perception in the form of a candy that taps on the various sensory properties of the mouth as stimulation.

TuTu Bar

Tutu Bar specialises in gourmet tutu kuehs served in a sushi bar-like setting. Offering not only classic flavours such as Sugar Peanut and Coconut, but also modernist and premium flavours. Through branding, Tutu Bar seeks to rekindle the disappearing art of tutu kueh-making.

Designed with Esther Ng and Joost Schootstra

Special Pass Booklets

To improve communications between the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the migrant workers on Special Pass, a system was developed to clarify the tedious process of coming down to the branch.

Designed with Yeo Li May and Eunice Er

In collaboration with Ministry of Manpower

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