Lu Xiaoheng

A China-born Singaporean designer, his interests also includes translation, photography and modelling. Specialising in user experience (UX) design, the unique experience of culture transition gives him the empathy to walk in others’ shoes, be it teammates or clients.

After Dark

After Dark is a smart object designed to be used by the elderly. Designing through a special framework derived from research, After Dark aims to remove learning curve while improving perceived usefulness. The lamp tackles the bedroom lighting dilemma where absolute darkness is needed for an elderly’s good night sleep while strong illumination is needed to prevent trips and falls by monitoring movements during sleep and predict when an elderly is about to be awoken.


Playpen is a redesigned concept for the paediatric clinic of National University Hospital. The concept focuses on making the waiting experience of parents and their child easier and more pleasant. Through utilising colours and cartoon animal images, children are able to help their parents in finding their way through the hospital, allowing parents to focus on looking after the child. Children playgrounds are also elevated to the eye level of a sitting and standing adult for easier observation.

Designed with Amanda Swee and Melvin Khng

In collaboration with NUH

I.D.E.A.S. Toolkit

Innovation, Design for Efficiency and Safety Toolkit is a design project for Singapore Ministry of Manpower to tackle workplace safety problems for immigrant construction workers. Through our research, there is a lack of respect for existing safety rules as many believe they are detached to the realities on the ground. To tackle this issue, a toolkit is developed to integrate education with feedback that allow workers to change existing rules towards the realities on the ground.

Designed with Dyllis Teo and Zhang Shi Ting

In collaboration with Ministry of Manpower

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