Low Joo Tat


Joo Tat believes that design is about challenging limits by probing the un-obvious and the overlooked, done best not alone, but with some good company. Although his experience lies largely in product design, he is most excited when applying his design experience to new areas.

Last Cradle

Last Cradle is a set of tools that helps the funeral profession humanise the procedure of transporting the recently departed. Through affording for gentler and more caring gestures, Last Cradle transforms the now clinical procedure into a warm and aesthetic ritual that is more meaningful for both the bereaved and the funeral staff. It consists of 1) a carrier that facilitates easier and gentler carrying, and 2) a mortuary stretcher cover that gracefully secures and envelops the departed into a cocoon-like vessel.

In collaboration with Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors


DAX is a wallet that allows you to access your cards easily and beautifully. Simply pull the tab and watch your cards cascade out with a splash of colors! Launched on Kickstarter in 2015, the 30 day campaign raised USD 52,660, 1300% the original USD 4,000 goal.

Designed with Yeo Wan Jun and Jeff Bogue


An electric kettle with a boldly designed top cap that depresses completely as a “boil” button, giving a feeling of quick, pragmatic, efficient straightforwardness. The button pops back up to indicate the completion of the boiling.

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