Lim Yong Kang

Yong Kang’s design philosophy is anchored in logic, speed and clarity. His ability to accurately identify core issues in a problem drives this approach. By prioritising quick testable solutions over quantity of concepts, he is able to quickly test the feasibility of his ideas


SWI is a modular system that can be attached onto almost any wheelchair that allows users with muscular dystrophy to achieve an active seating. Due to muscle weakness, most of these personnel were unable to adjust their seating postures thus leading to discomfort and possible spinal deformation. SWI aims to create optimum comfort and adjustability for these users with ease throughout their daily routine.

In collaboration with Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore

Olie - Soccer Ball

Ollie is an adaptive soccer system for persons with disabilities that allows inclusive play. Conventional soccer balls often escape from players’ range of sight and motion. Caregivers thus tend to take over the control of the gameplay limiting the playing time for the user.

Designed with Fabian Ong and Maggie Seah

In collaboration with Rainbow Centre Singapore

TESELLATE - Designated Smoking Point

TESELLATE is a series of modular, street furniture which adheres strictly to the concept of being muted, neutral and durable. It is constructed on a basis of a grid system which can be customised accordingly to the location (2x2m or 3x3m). The components are mainly the privacy panels, seating and cigarette bins. To better utilise the resources, TESELLATE is designed to accommodate existing equipment at current Designated Smoking Points (DSP) such as the industrial parasol.

Designed with Kevin Chiam

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