Lim Xin Yuan

Designer by day, baker by night - Xinyuan is a dream chaser. She worked as a UI/UX design intern in San Francisco for more than a year and enjoys improving user experiences on mobile platforms. She finds pushing pixels as therapeutic as folding layers of croissant dough.

New ways of seeing mobile user interface for babyboomers

By studying baby boomer’s behaviour during smartphone usage, this thesis aims to improve the smartphone’s usability by suggesting a set of design principles with accompanying solutions to existing negative experiences.

Uber Keyboard

The keyboard shortcut makes multitasking easy. Instead of switching between mobile applications, this is a shortcut to calling and tracking an Uber vehicle instantly while in a text conversation on any platforms. This is a shortcut created for frequent users of Uber and was an entry for Calhacks 2016, a hackathon organised by UC Berkeley.

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