Letitia Lim


Letitia finds pleasure in capturing the nuances of everyday life and turning them into opportunities for impactful solutions. While her experience lies mainly in product design, she is always looking to go out of her comfort zone and challenge the status quo.


Centred around the home office tablescape, Border is a collection of everyday objects, consisting of a printer, fan and bin, that aims to re-imagine compactness not by reducing the amount of footprint taken, but by recovering useful area from overlooked spaces. By leveraging on the forgotten space under a table, the collection is a reinterpretation of objects that are typically considered bulky.


LEVIT8 is a multi-purpose flat folding portable standing desk. Its functionality and form stem from an age-old origami technique; the box-spiral fold. From what appears to be an unassuming magazine, LEVIT8 transforms any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk. With minimal time and financial cost, users can easily alternate between sitting and standing, breaking the unhealthy routine of our largely sedentary, computer-centred work lives.

Designed with Andriana Justine and Poh Hui Qing

On Second Thought

On Second Thought is a money management app that cares about your wallet more than you. Buying a product is not solely a monetary loss, but a purchase that comes with hidden costs as well. On Second Thought aims to make the actual effects of impulse buying more perceptible and to lower the mental effort required in making a logical decision when shopping.

Designed with Lynn Ho Xin Yi

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