Lee Xu Xun


XX has an appetite for complexes. He enjoys distilling concepts into its essentials. Yet he strives for a simple life.


Being truthful to rattan’s flexible nature, R15 celebrates the material’s pliability in its design. An emphatic chair that responds to human interaction. The engineered flexible structure affords for humans’ shifting comfort, delivering a softer and delightful sitting experience.

In collaboration with Mint Garden


Indulgence is a space is designed to promote and animate the Abeille Royale Skincare series. The space interprets the use of hexagons to create a luscious yet luxurious atmosphere, demostrating Guerlain’s dedication to its customers. A contemporary space that reflects its rich patrimony. The fixtures are also intentionally placed to create a sense of depth with the totality of store still visible from all angles.

Designed with Jaycelyn Ye

In collaboration with Guerlain


Hanabi is an interactive light installation that engages both our audio and visual senses. Working with Persistence of Vision (POV), the installation aims to recreate the sense of wonderment of the fireworks display. The audience can enjoy a myriad of visual effects based on their audio inputs, creating an impression that the fireworks is responding to the excitement of the audience.

Designed with Au Hui Ying and Brandon Cheng

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