Lai Jing Yi

Jing Yi loves to tell stories. She sees design as a mean of communication that goes beyond the use of words. A good story empathise, a good story connects; a good story is in its details; and a good design is a good story. She dreams to tell one of the best stories one day. With a business minor, Jing Yi is also an avid believer of sustainable idealism.

Functional Aesthetics

Imagine a world where objects often valued more for its aesthetics; be it the wall paintings or the jewellery on us could serve utilitarian purposes on top of its primary function of adornment. This thesis took on a highly exploratory approach, looking through 3 aesthetics lenses to derive its final outcome. “Ritual” is a NFC jewellery series envisioning a new norm of tapping, to unlock current RFID doors and possibly replacing travel passes/credit cards for our daily commute/payments in the near future.

Unpretentious Tranquility

Imagine after a long day at work, you grab a bottle of beer from the refrigerator and now you are in search of an opener. You find it quietly sitting on the edge of the coffee table in the living room. In this project, we embarked on a journey to discover the inextricable relationship between form and emotions. The end result was a bottle opener that brought out the feeling of “unpretentious tranquility”.

Designed with Chia Yong Qing and Matthew Wong


NUS DID first collaborated with Guerlain in 2015. The brief was to design a pop-up retail store for their domestic and travel retail market. Guerlain is a brand with rich history and a seamless transition from traditional to contemporary is observed over the 186 years. The inspiration of “Pilgrimage”came from the tabernacle of Moses where we wanted to bring out sacredness with a subtle sense of familiarity. It was attempted with the use of symmetry and framing as seen in Parisian homes.

Designed with Esli Ee

In collaboration with Guerlain

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