Ku Ga Eun


Ga Eun has always viewed design as her life of never-ending journey of learning and discovery. She likes to create empathetic design that benefit communities and brainstorm ideas for future strategies that provide better user experiences.


Olah is an educational tool designed for parents and early childhood patients to understand and practice Comfort Positioning in a more engaging way. By providing contextual learning, training and role-playing through a visual narrative, both parties are able to effectively comprehend the importance of Comfort Positioning. Through the integration of Olah, it empowers parents to physically and emotionally stabilise the child during treatments such as vaccination and blood draws.

In collaboration with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital


In conjunction with OCBC bank, Fridor aims to meet future banking services with relevance to Gen-Y’s increasing demand of keeping track of their expenses with ease of convenience. By combining technical aspects and emotional touch, Gen-Y users are able to effectively track their expenses, customize and analyse their spendings, and celebrate their precious moments to the fullest.

Designed with Hillary Hoe

In collaboration with OCBC


Lauded for its strength, flexibility and long lifespan, PET straps are trusted to secure things in place. Arc is a family of vessels celebrating the freedom of motion in a material that was meant for restraining movement. A single composition can be transformed into bowls of different typologies. Ends of the strips are secured in a reversed configuration, creating the tension which forms the foundation of the bowl’s structure, while the weaving completes the mechanism of the Arc.

Designed with Chin Guo Hong

In collaboration with Cyklops Packaging Pte Ltd

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