Kong Pek Kuan


Pek Kuan enjoys observing seemingly mundane activities and exploring the details of life. Being sensitive to people and things in surroundings, she aspires to create better experiences through products, and creating objects with joy that bring out values to everyday lives.


With the concern in attitude and behavioral change to improve the low domestic recycling rate in Singapore, Sortiv is a household waste segregation system for facilitating waste sorting experience that affords convenience and personalization. It also communicates with one’s effort and recycling messages to bring up motivation and awareness to recycle.

The Curve

The Curve is crafted with L’Oréal for the travel retail exhibition. Two big curve walls with videos projected as highlights grabs attention and serves the whole experience of dynamism. The continuity flow of circulation through the curves also allow guests to visit each brand without any miss.

Designed with Chow Jia Yi and Martin Dehollander

In collaboration with L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific


Backing up silently, buDDies is a companion toaster designed for university hostel students. The slim, elongated form with rocking handle save space in context of hostel room. Interactive feedback LED progress light with customized colour could be changed according to one’s mood, showing attentive support and a sense of companionship.

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