Koh Jing Ting


Jing Ting enjoys designing experiences that are emotionally powerful and moving. Having had the experience of working in start-ups based in both Singapore and Silicon Valley, she revels in opportunities to work in the heart of innovation.

Natural Repository

Natural Repository is a series of bags, made out of beeswax fabric. It matches the anti-bacterial and humectant properties of beeswax, to protect fresh produce that are often stored inappropriately. Tropical and subtropical produce suffer from chilling injuries when stored in fridges for extended periods. When combined with specially selected fabric, beeswax helps to prolong the freshness of these produce in room temperature, by preventing excessive moisture loss in Singapore’s warm humid climate.


Many lament the destruction of the tart when sliced or broken down to be consumed. Petal is a tart, designed in response to this. The process of consuming of a tart is an often overlooked detail when eating the pastry. Inspired by the flower, the tart shell’s petals encourages the consumer to break, scoop and eat the tart, or to share it easily with another.

Designed with Matthew Wong and Lim Xin Yuan

E-Handy Guide

We worked with Ministry of Manpower and used Service Design to improve the communication of important information to foreign workers. Information categories and dissemination methods were re-designed to be context- sensitive and relevant to the foreign worker’s real needs. A mobile app - the ‘e-Handy Guide’ was designed to provide easier access to info, including a salary calculator. To increase engagement and outreach, the MOM mobile truck visits popular hangout areas, and dormitories, providing services and activities.

Designed with Edmund Zhang and Lim Xin Yuan

In collaboration with Ministry of Manpower

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