I aim to create works of delight that captivate users when interacting with my designs, with a strong focus on promotional and functional pieces that have their own unique narrative. In 2014, Jexter took home Grand award for the Furniture Design Award Singapore 2014, with his winning piece “Nishikigo", a stool that’s inspired by the overlapping scales of the Koi fish.


Eatsy is a set of multi-functional tableware consisting of a plate, bowl, cup, and utensils. Each piece has a distinctive spot to provide sensory cues for the visually impaired. They are universal, applicable for children, elderly and even people without special needs. All in all, Eatsy is a multi-functional tableware with good affordance that reduces food waste.

MAG Wallet

MAG — A modular wallet that you can swiftly detach and reattach. MAG’s simple magnetic hinge system allows your wallet to customize to your needs. Split out your things for a more organized wallet! Stack them up only when you need and whichever way you want. MAG promises you a unique experience like never before. Bringing less? It’s never been so easy.

Designed with Ngieng Jia’en and Jon Chan

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