Jasmine Quek


Jasmine enjoys uncovering meaningful design opportunities by exploring inherent qualities of materials as well as understanding user’s experience, emotion and values. She believes that good design comes from a deeper understanding of the subject.

Phenomenal Wood

Discolourations and growth rings are natural occurrences and traits of wood. In this project, these inherent qualities are leveraged on and relevant processes are created to manipulate them. Hemlock wood was sandblasted to reveal the disparity in the density of its alternating growth rings and transforms into a grill with better water-resistance. Discolourations of wood caused by iron and tea are controlled with new staining processes to form distinct stain patterns. These result in a collection of objects with outcomes exclusive to wood.


MOORE is a vibrant combinatorial costume play-kit with various basic soft panels of exciting shapes, sizes, patterns and slots, affords endless imaginative configurations. MOORE engrosses creative energies to become fun and unstructured collaborative discovery. It facilitates mental and physical dexterity while narrating social bonding skills with myriads of merry, unfolding role-play.

Designed with Russell Chew

Haze Globe

This project attempts to re-imagine Singapore’s souvenirs. Unforeseen circumstances often thwart our perfect plans in a vacation. However, these ominous surprises seal an enduring impression on us, more so than an ideal experience or a keepsake. As a parody of snow globes being the epitome of an ideal winter setting, the Haze Globe suggests an alternative view of the imperfect vacation quintessential to Singapore.

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