Hor Sue Xian


As a kid, she irreversibly dissected remote controls and telephones. To recollect karma, she spent teenagehood trying to put pieces back together, DIY style. Today, Sue wakes up to create products that delight and put them in the hands of people.

Liáng Pot

Fast, easy and safe way to brew homemade Chinese herbal tea without sacrificing quality or potency. It utilises pressure to brew 3x faster, while locking in the nutrients and flavours in its stainless steel vessel. Enjoying a cup of fresh, homemade “liang teh” has never been so effortless.

Aubergine Pillow

An inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in one puff, yet compacts small enough to bring comfort along on everyday adventures. This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter by 450% of its original goal.

Designed with John Teo, Jolyn Kang and Jacelyn Lau

Fika Frother

A handheld milk frother that introduces a therapeutic experience during morning coffee rituals. It is switched on through a caressing gesture by gliding the body downwards, while subtly easing the hand into a more relaxed position. Compact when deactivated, comfortable when activated.

Designed with Dyllis Teo and Iris Tan

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