Hong Ling Yang


Having worked with international beauty companies, Ling Yang specializes in retail space design. He believes that good design is the result of efficient project management, and great teamwork between craftsmen and designers. He constantly seeks new challenges.

Selling BB Cream To Men

BB cream has proved to be a good introductory product for men to get started on cosmetics. Men who have used BB cream often go on to include more grooming products (lip balm, concealer etc.) into their grooming routines. Hence, this project aims to subtly introduce more men to the BB cream, by packing it together with the hair gel and facial wash, which are the most common products that men use.

Note: All logo marks are purely coincidental and is used simply for concept presentation.

L’Oréal Exhibition Booth

This is a booth designed for the L’Oréal family, taking part in the Tax Free Asia Pacific show in 2015. My team’s design was chosen to be realized.  We were awarded with internships in L’Oréal, Hong Kong. I was selected to be stationed in L’Oréal Luxe Travel Retail Asia Pacific Department to assist in the realization of this exhibition booth design.

Designed with Lee Xu Ying and He Yi Hong

In collaboration with L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific

Guerlain TraveL Retail & Local Market

This project’s brief is to design a domestic pop-up store and travel retail space for Guerlain to showcase their three product axis (Skincare, Make-up, and Fragrance.) The concept is adaptable in both domestic and travel retail environments, which have differing customers’ behavior. My team’s concept is cost-effective as it requires minimal usage of large structures.

Designed with Miko Yeo

In collaboration with Guerlain

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