Goh Pei Yi Gabbie


A keen learner and explorer, Gabbie likes to try out different fields of design. By putting on different lenses, she learns how design is applicable in various aspects of our lives. She is currently immersed in the field of retail spatial design, looking at how she can design spaces to attract and influence customer's behaviour.

‘Can You Feed Me?’

‘Can You Feed Me?’ is a mealtime set designed for toddlers to create a more engaging way of learning and consuming food. The set uses animals as a medium for role playing, with food participating in the play. It aims to help parents to teach toddlers simple concepts of food and to improve toddler’s reception to new food types.


L’atelier, which translates to “the artist/craftsman studio”, is an event space concept designed for Guerlain’s domestic and travel retail market. It is designed to showcase the maker spirit of Guerlain and to bring a sense of intimacy yet keeping the brand’s sophistication. Chosen as the final winning concept, L’atelier’s main inspirations were the classic French studios, specifically their lively environment and artistry. The current event celebrates Abeille Royale, a skincare franchise of Guerlain, but the space can be easily transformed to showcase other products too.

Designed with Heather Ong

In collaboration with Guerlain


In collaboration with Immochan, one of European’s leading commercial real estate company, the project was to design a showroom to sell Immochan’s visionary project. The concept uses geometric shapes to create bold statement furniture. Given only an area of 18 metre square, furniture pieces are arranged in a way that it creates an informal and intimate environment. Playing with materials and colours, we aim to bring out Immochan’s professionalism in the midst of the cosy arrangement.

Designed with Chloé Allaért and Ségolène Cassoret

In collaboration with Immochan

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