Er Shengxin Eunice

Eunice believes that design is a way of seeing the world around her. Constantly prodding at the edges of her frame, she wishes to uncover and challenge the limits of her world. Occasionally, she likes to refer to herself in third person, just like now :o)


Current stroke rehabilitation tends to be unsuitable for elderly and do not encourage long-term engagement. However, gardening has been found to be a suitable medium where rehabilitation can be masked within frequent gardening activities such as watering and pruning. Spruce is a series of handles attached to common gardening tools where the different handles afford different rehabilitative actions. By masking the rehabilitation, Spruce seeks to motivate and cultivate the long-term habit of engaging in their prescribed exercises.

In collaboration with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Déjà Vu | Guerlain Retail Design

We were tasked to design a pop-up store that embodied the brand’s DNA and was transferrable across stores. My team’s design was chosen – for not only fulfilling the brief but also for the consideration of retail experience of customers, low cost of production, ease of assembly and transportation. Déjà Vu mirrors the brand’s constant reinvention with a contemporary twist where a recurring vertical element is incorporated, creating a sense of singularity and rediscovery. Its modularity allows for versatile configurations regardless of space.

Designed with Kok Hua Bin

In collaboration with Guerlain

Chuck | A Durable Friendly Kettle

Durable objects often look rugged and hardy. This project seeks to investigate how the notion of durability can be brought into a kettle in a different, more home-friendly manner. Chuck is an electric kettle that makes use of a wrench-like motion to unscrew its cap, a familiar movement done when working with tools, while it’s bulbous and friendly form contrasts it. Overall, evoking a sense of durable friendliness.

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