Delane Foo

Delane is an Industrial Designer with experience as a tech hardware Entrepreneur. Apart from these primary interests, she is passionate about promoting youth entrepreneurship, female education and empowerment causes. She is a doer who often finds herself at the nexus of cross-geography, cross-discipline connections.

‘Can i Tell You About Menstruation?’

‘Can I Tell You About Menstruation?’ is an interactive, multi-channel education platform that uses real stories to educate young women about the more intangible yet practical aspects of menstruation, with the intent to go beyond function, into conversation. It consists of two key elements: an interactive physical book set that is as easy to read as a children’s book and as comprehensive as a textbook, as well as a website that is a network to find answers and company.


Modum is a low cost yet realistic simulator for otolaryngologists to practice myringotomy. It is equipped with a life-like modular ear, ear canal and ear drum which are interchangeable and easily replaceable. This allows doctors to practice on various scenarios of replicated conditions from the different sizes of babies’ ears to adults and even abnormal conditions such as those of syndromic patients. It also allows the puncture of the ear drum as well as mucous removal.

Designed with Darren Fill and Stephaine Yeo

In collaboration with National University Hospital


SNAP is the future of shopping where you can buy-try a product experience anytime with the snap of a finger. By simply paying a subscription, you become part of a network of homes that rent to and from each other. Change up the style of your home for occasions any time, and free up space as your white-elephant products can find new life in someone else’s home. SNAP becomes the new anchor of your home where products come and go around it.

Designed with Esther Lim and Hieu Nguyen

In collaboration with Dell

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