Chia Yong Qing

Yong Qing loves getting in touch with Nature in the outdoors. He aspires to hone his sensitivity and curiosity towards the minute and seemingly inconsequential nuances in his daily life, and curiosity towards the minute and seemingly inconsequential nuances in his daily life, further applying them to his works. Functionality encompassed within simplicity is what drives his design philosophy.

Self-Wrapping Pneumatic Splint

Combining the multifaceted usage of air as both a medium and an enabler, the Self-Wrapping Pneumatic Splint provides a simpler splinting alternative to post operation treatment of wrist fractures. Wrapping, compression and immobilization of the fractured area through the simple act of inflation, the result is a piece that embodies the functionality and versatility of air.

In collaboration with NUH Orthopeadic Department


Teres is a new style coin cache designed to be the slimmest and most beautiful solution to bulging coin pouches. A sleek aluminium casing that encapsulates just the right amount of coins, swivels open with an intuitive slide of the hand. Teres changes the way we interact with coins, aiming to create a coin experience that will fit seamlessly into our 21st century lifestyle. The project was 150% successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Designed with Jonathan Tsang and Paul Capdenat Christy

Dassault Falcon: Espace De Travail

The side ledge of the plane is where the passengers interact and carry out most of their activities abroad. Espace De Travail is series of compartmental spaces modelled after the behavioural patterns of business jet passengers during flight. A continuity of shapes accompanied by expressive curvatures of the storage compartments, adds to a more coherent design language and stronger identity for the Falcon series.

Designed with Lucile Brugiere

In collaboration with Dassault Aviation

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