Audrey Chua An Gee

Audrey enjoys creating delights in products that surprises people. As a budding contemporary designer, she believes that design has to be relevant to the modern world of today and can be used as a catalyst to spur progress. While she loves crafting and has a keen eye for pretty things, she dreams of launching her very own stationery brand.

Bead by Bit

Bead by Bit is a new method of producing beading canvas for Peranakan beadwork to enable beading on 3D forms that is previously not achievable with traditional cloth canvas. Using 3D printing technology and algorithmic software, the grid can be customised to suit different bead sizes yet retain the densely beaded Peranakan aesthetic on various forms. By readapting beading to a contemporary context, it evolves the craft to increase its relevance and sustainability in today’s digital world.

In collaboration with Kim Choo Holdings Pte Ltd

Souvenir is a Prized Memory

A souvenir that reflects tourists’ personal experiences in its most unpretentious form. As an evidence of a particularly challenging experience, this souvenir is treasured as a reward for having braved the trial. The encapsulation and framing honors this symbol of the memory and celebrates the accomplishment of the experience, prizing what was just a remnant into a valuable memory.

Patterns and Hues

A series of fast moving lifestyle goods - notebooks, totebags and sticky notes were designed by abstracting the vibrant patterns and colours found in Southeast Asian fruits, food, flowers and architecture.

Designed with Kenneth Yip

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