Anthony Yu

Anthony is a cheerful Singaporean guy that loves to travel, photography and running. Defined as an adaptable and self- motivated individual with good design sense, he has won multiple design awards including the recent - Core77 Design Award 2016.


Bracing helps to stablise the ACL-deficient knee for nonoperative treatment, however the current knee braces are found unable to limit internal tibial rotation. REGAIN® is designed to effectively limits internal tibial rotation with increased tension by the semi-rigid lateral hinge. It also increases flexibility so that one can move around without any unnatural or uncomfortable restrictions.

Collaboration with: National University Health System

Singapore provisional patent number 10201704447T


ZELTA® redefines the process of abdominal fascial layer closure by the movement and posture of the surgeons’ wrist. It is a pair of suturing tools that consist of a needle holder and a forcep, which enables surgeons to suture the open wound comfortably, efficiently and safely with the designed overlaying locking system designed in the needle holder as well as the intestinal puncturing prevention of the forcep.

Designed with Shaun Seah

In collaboration with National University Health System


FLÄCKFRI provides a practical solution to rack the wet and bacteria-prone kitchen rags which increases the air circulation for drying. The design of FLÄCKFRI is simple and easy to install in any kitchen, resulting in a more cost- effective, energy efficient and a longer lasting solution which also caters additional storage space. It was awarded the 2nd runner-up for IKEA Young Designer Award 2016.

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