Alex Teo

Alex is known for his ability to translate insights into innovative and measurable outcomes. His medical and product designs have undergone lab and clinical trials, with 2 projects working toward intellectual property protection under NUS. His concept visualisation projects have also won awards and features in an academic symposium and state media.

Adept & Responsive Combat (ARC) Headgear

Conventional padding materials only absorb or dissipate impact energy. ARC’s responsive mechanical metamaterial brings it one step further by redirecting impact forces, allowing it to effectively protect against the 2 types of concussive forces. ARC was lab tested to protect up to 2.77 times better against linear impacts and 2.52 times better against rotational impacts than conventional headgear designs. The 4 piece headgear design, along with ergonomic placement of securement straps, creates a secure and adaptable fit for up to 2 sizes above the original head circumference. With up to 98.8% volume reduction, the well ventilated and perfectly balanced headgear allows unparalleled athletic performance.

UNI Smart Bedtime System

UNI project was featured in Mediacorp’s Design Singapore 2017 TV series, and most recently at the 2017 Modern Aging Symposium: “Aging Unlimited”, co-organised by ACCESS Health International, Singhealth and NUS Enterprise as the only student project shared for the event. In line with the big data agenda of Prime Minister’s Office Smart Nation campaign, UNI combines existing digital and sensor technologies within a thoughtful and cohesive package to provide a better bedtime experience for the elderly and a peace of mind for their family members.

In collaboration with Prime Minister Office, Smart Nation

DBS Bank: Digital Transformation @ Plaza Singapura

Awarded grand winner of $3,000 for DBS Bank’s branch banking design competition, we took a bold approach beyond traditional branch banking processes. Targeting DBS’s Plaza Singapura Branch with a high demographic of rising affluent and savvy individuals, we envisioned a seamless customer journey complete with an immersive and engaging user experience. Understanding that DBS Bank has been immersed in the digital agenda, we reimagined the branch banking experience by leveraging mobile apps and embodiment of conversational Artificial Intelligence in tangible interactive spaces.

Designed with Yeo Ren Jie and Jonathan Tsang

In collaboration with DBS Bank

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