Adarrel Ho

Adarrel is a jolly person that takes interest in sports and outdoor activities. He is passionate about designing worthy experiences and believes that his designs should be used to impact other people’s lives.


With the growing concern for food consumption and nutrition, Vitagreens is an urban home system for growing vitamins that helps fill in nutritional gaps. This is achieved through an ‘adding vitamins to meals prepared at home’ approach. The Vitagreens system is a two part system consisting of individual growing cartridges and a growing capsule that streamlines the growing process and integrates well in the urban home setting.

OCBC Blueprint

OCBC Blueprint is an online platform service designed to help people visualize their future financial needs with a ‘shop for the future’ approach. It also allows them to plan the steps they can take to achieve their goals with OCBC’s existing services. The aim is to equip young working adults with the technical knowhow and vital knowledge in future financial planning.

Designed with Alvina Yeo and Kelly Yap.

In collaboration with OCBC.

Fill Pill

Fill Pill is a weekly pill bottle that assists elderly in taking the right pills at the right time. The design tackles three main issues that elderly currently face - poor memory, lack of technological literacy and the absence of reminders. Fill Pill empowers elderly to carry on their daily activities without worrying and also keep the minds of their children at ease.

In collaboration with Prime Minister’s Office and iDA Labs.

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