Yeo Wan Jun

Wan Jun is interested in designing products that improve the user experience, and she loves the discovery phase of the design process. Part-time teaching Design and Technology (D&T) at high schools in Singapore has been a fulfilling experience. It is also the source of motivation and insights for her thesis project.


Pito is a generative design toolkit specially designed for secondary school Design and Technology (D&T) students to effectively kickstart idea generation. The toolkit allows for quick exploration of ideas by shifting the modules around without having the students to worry about sketching first.
In collaboration with Northview Secondary School


Inspired by mobile app interfaces, DAX is a pull tab wallet with a trick up its sleeve. Instead of squeezing all your cards in a single compartment, DAX allow your cards to be accessed easily and beautifully. Simply pull the tab and watch your cards cascade with a splash of colors!
Designed with Low Joo Tat & Jeff Bogue
Successfully funded on Kickstarter, with pledged amount of over $52,000.

Wash. Soap Inside.

Wash. Soap Inside. is a dual function soap packaging for hotels. Not only it is used as a soap packaging, but it is also a soap tray during usage. By holding it under running water, part of the packaging instantly dissolves and the user will be left with just the soap and a convenient soap tray. This is done by strategically coating water soluble paper with hydrophobic liquid.

Designed with Mabel Low