Yeo Li May

Li May believes that to design, is to intentionally shape users’ perception while adding value to it. She believes in questioning the obvious, and finds satisfaction in solving for unmet needs. Her hope is to bring joy to others through design.


+ 65 is an alternative way to monitor health such that interpersonal relationships become the key to ensuring safety. It monitors hearings, pulses, temperatures and emotional states of seniors while having a conversation on the phone with their family, friends, or healthcare providers.

Nurse Rehearse

Nurse Rehearse is a card game and app, that engages student nurses to exercise critical thinking in a friendly competitive environment. We observed that students have difficulties formulating their own set of thought process when conducting health assessments in real life settings. Thus our design aims to build confidence in students in the clinical context.
In collaboration with Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies
Designed with Rachel Goh and Cecilia Lim


The concept of Ascent seeks to translate Guerlain's continuous narrative and the exaltation of beauty into the pop-up store experience. There are three elevated platforms to differentiate each axis of the brand, resulting in a light and inclining movement as one enters the space. The length of display stands adds rhythm and contrast while exhibiting the brand's devotion into each of its creations. The layout is planned to include value added services such as bespoke fragrance workshops for a complete user experience.

In collaboration with Guerlain
Designed with Phan Thi Nhu Mai