Yvonne Ng Yin Lin

A keen observer of the physical and tactile environment, Yvonne seeks design opportunities in her environment. She loves problem solving, taking unique design approaches, and believes a small change can make a great impact. In her free time, she enjoys watching shows that make her laugh.

Temporary Set-up in Void Decks

Current set-ups for temporary events involve constructing a frame within the void deck where vertical supports of columns are already present. This project seeks to leverage on existing void deck columns instead of constructing additional structures and frames. The system affords efficient event set-ups and is adaptable to a wide range of events from weddings to funerals.

A World of Whispers

The world is a noisy place. In the distant future – 2058 - we voluntarily restrict ourselves, to retrieve that bit of our sanity. These restraining devices are designed as contemporary jewellery for the city dwellers of the future. Fine needle pins pierce through the ends of our lips, fastening them together. This limits the movement of our lips, and hence our ability to speak in loud volumes. The smart material detects our skin colour and maps it onto the front face, creating a mosaic aesthetic. We willingly accept and adorn ourselves with this accessory, which becomes the norm of the century.

Spice Packs

With the multitude of spices, herbs and condiments used in Asian cooking, the lack of flexible storage and accessible organisation might be a limitation to cooking genuine asian dishes. Working with the under-utillised vertical space around the kitchen and manipulating it, we designed a system that helps the user organise with preference to their own mental model, allowing them to have quick access to the ingredients they need.

In collaboration with Tupperware
Designed with Aidie Junaidi and Lee Hsiao Fong