Sim Hao Jie

A down-to-earth person, Hao Jie seeks to continually improve himself as a designer, exploring boundaries to expand on his skill sets. He is highly curious and motivated, regularly taking part in competitions to challenge and benchmark himself. He believes that good design can go a long way in impacting people’s lives on a daily basis.


A botanical air purifier for urban apartment dwellers that improves the air quality and beautifies the living spaces. The airflow schematics of Flair is a result of rigorous experimental testing for the removal ability of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air.
In collaboration with In Vitro Pte Ltd

World without Patience

Three objects extrapolated from the state of our impatient world where everything needs to be instantly gratifying. A boiler that heats up water as fast as you can pour it, a toaster that makes breakfast as quick as you can pay for it, and a portable flashlight that creates an instant zebra-crossing for the pedestrian who doesn’t give a hoot about traffic lights.


REBOUND aims to prevent muscle wasting, suffered by hospitalised patients. The unit utilises elastic bands to create a versatile exercise system that can strengthen multiple muscle groups. Leveraging on the structure of the hospital bed, Rebound is a low cost, extremely portable and easy to use exercise unit.

In Collaboration with National University Hospital
Designed with Nigel Geh, Audrey Chua
LiteOn 2015 Gold Award