Siew Huey Ming

Huey Ming believes that passion comes from within and loves to connect with people from all sorts of backgrounds. She appreciates that everyone has their own interesting story to tell, and valuable lessons usually come from all experiences in life. She holds that design is about serving the user, and the extension of a helping hand deepens her understanding of people.


Easeband is a simple child-friendly strapping tool to help ease the hydro-walking experience for both children with cerebral palsy and their physiotherapists or caregivers. Primarily, easeband serves to improve the walking functions of cerebral palsy children, particularly those with a lower degree of ambulatory function, via adjustable tension straps during hydrotherapy sessions.
In collaboration with Physiotherapy Department of Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

L’Oreal - Alluring Continuity

For L’Oreal Travel Retail’s TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference 2016, the design themed alluring continuity aims to showcase all 18 brands as a continuous journey of brand discovery and to achieve an interaction of space inside and outside of the venue. Traditional lattice structures and windows were sources of inspirations, which were then translated into a more contemporary usage context in the design.
Designed with Ho Jun Xian (Josh)


Pocket aims to serve as an adaptive lumbar solution by introducing active sitting through a pocket of air. A snap-top mechanism allows a quick capture of air, which can be adjusted using an air-releasing valve to suit different individuals. Pocket keeps you constantly in minute motion while playing with the notion of controlled instability. This helps users to be aware of their posture, while strengthening the core muscles and lumbo-pelvic control.

In collaboration with National University Hospital
Designed with Lee Shu Hui and Chiam Yong Sheng Kevin