Sherina Tan

Sherina is a designer who aims to create beautiful objects and new experiences in our daily lives. She believes that a designer plays multiple roles of observation, investigation, and experimentation. Her good sense of guided intuition results in unique yet relevant creations.

Wearable Workspace

How will our future look like? Future jobs will be highly creative and relational as transactional jobs will have been taken up by smart machines and robots. As the nomadic lifestyle picks up, not only will we be increasingly mobile, the spatial concept of home, work and leisure will gradually blur. This project speculates the transformation of work spaces to wearables in the future.


Different physical attributes can bring out various emotions. The ear thermometer was redesigned to embody a sense of sincerity. The curved arch suggests a gentle gesture, prompting users to handle the thermometer tenderly.
Designed with Lee Han Xi, Au Hui Ying