Sharon Lam

Sharon secretly loves asking questions, collecting information and getting input. Fascinated by people’s quirks, motivations and subtle yet critical behaviours, she enjoys modest design that sits well with users much to their pleasant surprise.

Second Time

Second Time contemplates an alternative way of living; a simpler, slower lifestyle through a gentler way of keeping time. It appears when needed, otherwise it stays in the background - soft and ambient. Finely tuned arcs, gradients and color contrasts make time reading intuitive. For homes seeking to remove functional boundaries, why not hide time in art?


“Millions of tweets/sec in today’s social media revolution We seek to tease out a fraction of the action Moving analogue components through digital code Physicalizing digital tweets through a tangible mode A reminder of intimate and personal communication lost.” Silibel is an interactive, discursive installation where online tweets are verbalized from moving silicone mouths.
Designed with Elyn Wu and Edmund Zhang

Clumpsy Dumpty on the Wall

"Clumpsy dumpty on the wall, who's the clumsiest of them all? Help Dumpty the dino keep his shape, pick up the pieces stop their escape." In an age where digital devices permeate every aspect of society, we crave for interactions that are more intimate and tactile. Dumpty on the Wall is an interactive installation inspired by the familiar shape sorter playtoy. The play experience is enhanced with a clumsy, mischievous and playful personality injected into the wall through digital means; children interact with Dumpty’s Wall to be entertained by its antics in an experience that encourages them to collaborate with friends and family through keeping Dumpty’s shapes.

In collaboration with Keio­NUS CUTE Centre and the National Museum of Singapore
Designed with Ng Tse Pei and Grace Goesantoso