Russell Chew Zhen Jie

Designing does not only happen at a specific time or day, it is ongoing, it is a way of life. Russell believes in being always sensitive and in tune with the world on an emotional and logical level. This allows him to create innovative works that resonate with the user while challenging the status quo.

Aesthetic Interaction

The exploration on Aesthetic Interaction attempts to discover new form of interactions between human and digitally enabled objects.

Play (First Three) is an installation that functions as an interactive sandbox for aesthetic interaction and to encourage discussion on how we might interact with digitally enabled objects in the future.

Switch (Following) is a tabletop fabric-based interface panel that enables you to customise your grid lighting. It maps the fabric interaction to control the position, intensity and colour temperature of the lighting. It bridges the gap between the user’s intention and the lighting outcome in an emotional, practical and non-intrusive manner.


With our lives becoming more and more digitalised, we tend to face digital screens everyday for a long period of time, be it for work or leisure. To better protect our eyes, we wanted to have a physical reminder that is gentle and friendly, yet effective. To do this, we came up with BOB. BOB is placed at your workspace, quiet initially, but after he senses that you have been working for a period of time, he will begin to remind you, in his own way, that it is time for a break. Read Less
Designed by Rachel Goh and Corina Tan


ZAG fulfils the role of the missing pocket for our laptops. It hugs your items firmly, keeping them safe. The woven elastic band configuration lets you decide where you want to hold your items, however you like. Slim and flat, ZAG will fit along your laptop into most sleeves. With a simple fold and tuck, it easily transforms and becomes a nice stand to lift your laptop at an ergonomic angle. Most importantly, it just keeps your organised.

Designed with Jasmine Quek and Jakob Hedlund