Poh Hui Qing

Hui Qing is an industrial designer, a problem solver, an opportunist. She finds ways to improve things, even if it’s just by a little. Most of all, she is a learner. And design is a means for her to explore ways to integrate beauty and solution.

Explorer Pram

The Explorer Pram redefines the pram experience by affording the child more freedom in creating her own visual experience. It allows the child to rotate the pram seat 90 degrees to left and right, widening the scope of the child’s world.


LEVIT8 is an affordable and multi-purpose flat folding portable standing desk. From what seems like an unassuming magazine, it transforms any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk with just a twist. LEVIT8’s Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded and raised 1461% of its funding goal with USD 58,462 and 1,191 backers and has been featured in numerous design blogs including Core77, Culturepush and Gizmag.
Designed in collaboration with Andriana Justine and Letitia Lim

金纸 (Incense-Paper)

金纸 is a speculative product that questions the relevance of rituals in our lives. The design places emphasis on the act of burning and the intimacy of connection in that moment rather than the quantity of physical offerings being burnt. This is achieved through watching the incense paper disappear without a trace, a fleeting symbol of one’s sincerity during offering.With金纸, we hope to achieve a clean and simplified model of burning offerings that is new yet familiar. By reinventing the incense paper with a new material and form, 金纸 attempts to maintain the relevance of rituals in people's lives today and beyond.

Designed in collaboration with Anthony Yu