Pear Chia Min

Chia Min is drawn to controversies and sees design as a political instrument to understanding and influencing society. More specifically, she is interested in film and graphic design in the sociopolitical and advertising- branding field.


A series of tactile, interactive and experimental typefaces that seek to push the boundaries of two dimensional typography and the visual communication of language. The typeface is revealed only

when — 1. the strings are strummed / 2. the wires are heated / 3. the fabric is dissolved in water.

Blood Urn

An Urn is an inherent bond. Blood is normally drawn from the deceased during the embalming process and is discarded as bio-waste. Instead, this blood is harvested for its inherent adhesive property known since the time of the Aztecs in brick making to produce an urn for him or her. An individual’s bones and blood come together in the final rest. This element of blood is a euphemism of the unbreakable family bonds that transcend even death.
In collaboration with Nirvana Memorial Garden
Designed with Delane Foo

Home Delivery

Home Delivery is a food network service that allows anyone with a passion for cooking, to become HomeChefs, and sell their signature dishes. Now, everyone, especially busy families and individuals, can get healthy, homemade meals right at their couch. Its Homemade without the making!

Designed with Syed Atif Husain, Shanna Su and Kieusseian Jonathan