Marcus Kho

Marcus hopes that his works will bring delight to people and their surroundings. He enjoys browsing through flea markets and reading the occasional book on a rainy day.

Care Package

Care Package emerged from a series of explorations around application of perceptive skin. Intended for specially handled deliveries, Care Package consists of a pressure sensitive membrane that bruises upon impact from mishandling. This increased sensitivity encourages better care from the handler while informing the user about the state of the contents.


A project with CUTE Center on the theme of digital wellness for the elderly led us to design an accessible home rehab device that gamifies the mundane process into an engaging activity. The value behind the platform is that it offers a systematic way to translate the game’s point system into reliable and accurate progress data that the patient and therapist can track and monitor.

Wave Lighting System

Saint-Gobain is a French multinational corporation that specializes in habitat and construction. They approached us with the desire to integrate OLEDs into their construction materials. The concept of wave lighting system began with obser vations about how the thinness and flexibility of the oled creates subtle gestures of light when manipulated. I was interested in this unique language and how it could create quiet hints in our everyday surroundings.