Loren Lim Tian Hwee

Loren is interested in understanding human behavior and designing for social good. He finds investing time and effort on projects that enable others to be especially fulfilling. He has a passion for inclusive design, especially for the physically disadvantaged and the elderly.


Oneware is a sink necessity that aids in the entire process of food preparation to dish washing for single-handed use. For those who have only one functioning arm, there are many issues that arise from household chores. Oneware aims to aid this process without compromising on efficiency and work flow.


Bend is a non-intrusive Dynamic Traction Splint for Proximal Interphalangeal Joint fractures and dislocation typically cause by high impact or high velocity trauma. The strategic cuts along the splint creates a spring-like behavior that generates the traction force needed and providing sufficient bending of the finger for better recovery. Its lifestyle-friendly aesthetics removes the negative social stigma towards current medical splint, which encourages the consistency of use, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment.
Collaboration with NUH: Department of Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery.
Project with Russell Chew

Light Tales

Light Tales is an immersive storytelling tool where the child becomes part of the story, sparking children imagination to dream beyond what they can be. Tapping on existing tales told by diverse cultures, these act as cue cards which spark and excites children's imaginations, prompting them to combine and create their own story.

Project with John Teo