Loh Zhide

Zhide is a person interested in prototyping and coding to make lives better and happier.


Livefeed is a series of self-sustaining parasitic sensors that fits into everyday life in an intuitive, familiar, and non-invasive manner.


inSight invites elderly to interact with their loved ones in a playful, intuitive, and non –intrusive manner, all achieved through the utilization of a simple, fogged glass metaphor.
In collaboration with Keio-NUS CUTE Center
Designed with Edmund Zhang, Zhi Ying Lim
Finalist, CHI 2015 Student Design Competition


Furu aims to explore how basic technology and accompanying programming logic can be used to transform a mundane everyday tool into an interactive companion. Four infrared light detectors, one infrared emitter, and a capacitive sensor imbues Furu with the ability to be aware of what it’s users are doing, and to respond with a dynamic range of behaviour in its unique and idiosyncratic manner.