Lee Si Min

Si Min is a Singaporean industrial designer with a focus in visual design, UI/UX, and interaction design. She loves creating delightful user experiences. With an academic background in industrial design, and knowledge in HCI and business, she looks at design problems holistically, with user needs as the focus.


“It’s like Magic!” Blendor is a tactile colour-mixing tool that encourages children to experiment with addictive colour mixing in an enchanting, interactive and mess-free way. Children can learn about various proportions and mixtures of colours with ease through pouring the digital coloured content from one Blendor into another, and witness the changes in colour.

Handy helpers

‘Handy Helpers’ is an information card game that contains gamified contents of the top 10 FAQs foreign workers may encounter while working in Singapore. Contents are reframed to ones that are needs based and are further supplemented with illustrations for foreign workers to easily understand the information.
In collaboration with Ministry of Manpower
Designed with Mabel Low and Hong Ling Yang

Locate is an app that connects travellers with local home chefs who are passionate about gastronomy and are willing to provide an authentic home culinary experience for travellers. Travellers can search for food based on their mood, location, cuisine and price range, view their choices and request for bookings. Host can upload their menu, view booking requests and accept bookings.