Lee Han Xi

With an innate flair for aesthetics and an eye for detail, Han Xi has always believed that it is the minute subtleties and the little wondrous moments, that makes a product exquisite. She believes that a good design project always has that spark of freshness, and combines poetic beauty with pragmatic innovation.


Derived from the confluence of fashion and product design, Nuno creates a new way of looking at furniture upholstery as separate wearables. Nuno is a line of chairwear that provides a joyful tactility when worn on the nondescript Vago easy chair. Its quirky silhouette adds a bold accent to any living environment.


A custom-made contraption is used to enable the delicate process of casting liquid porcelain on a piece of tensioned cloth, and in the process, capturing its drapery, tension and texture. Once vitrified in the kiln, the resulting porcelain ware is preciously thin and light with a captivating texture that flows and ebbs just like cloth. With this artisanal technique of production, no two pieces are ever alike.

L'Oreal Exhibition Stand - Juxtapose

Modular booths are carefully arranged to give guests an experience of discovery as they meander through the exhibition space. Windows on every booth provide long perspectives throughout the exhibition layout, giving a sense of openness amidst the bustling crowd. Booths are assembled from separate flat panels which come with stowable tables, ensuring construction ease and resulting in a cost-efficient system; one that is also flexible in its ability to be arranged in different configurations for future events. Executed and constructed for L'Oreal's exhibition stand for the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference 2016 at Marina Bay Sands.

In collaboration with L’Oreal Travel Retail
Designed with Cheng Jun Hoe