Huabin Kok

Huabin has always been intrigued by habits and behaviors, as he feels that they can tell him more about a person than a conversation ever can. He believes that people is the core of design as it exists not just to solve existing problems, but also to improve lifestyles and enhance day-to-day experiences.


“An office is no longer just a space in the building, it is wherever work takes you to.” Identity is a collection of origami-inspired briefs for businessmen and creatives, designed to enhance and facilitate the mobile working experience in an urban environment. The sleek brief is also able to transform into a nifty portfolio with a single fold, perfect for professionals who wish to travel light.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging trend nowadays because of the convenience it can offer to the users: a seamless transition in their daily activities through connected devices. Being a product of IoT, buOy is designed with the same purpose in mind. buOy is equipped to aid in each aspect of the beach-going experience (from the planning to the beach trip itself), and through its ubiquitous presence, it aims to makes life a beach for the users.

Deja vu

Guerlain’s story is above all one of legacy, the brand often draws inspiration from the brand’s history and heritage and bring forth their products with a contemporary twist. This is embodied in our team’s concept of Déjà vu; the design incorporates recurring vertical elements to create a sense of familiarity, and subtle play with contrast and opacity to bring about a sense of rediscovery.

In collaboration with Guerlain
Designed with Eunice Er