Joseph Goh Shyan Yang

Joseph’s design approach revolves around problem solving and how design can play in role in alleviating everyday problems we face; from more intuitive products, to more holistic service systems. His strengths lie in 3D digital and physical modelling as well as a strong understanding of processes in manufacturing.

Klean Kart System

Klean Kart System is a cleaning cart solution that aims to streamline cleaners’ work flow and integrate the whole cleaning journey into a more holistic process. This modular system allows quick and efficient organisation, transfer and washing of crockery, as well as a more effortless, straightforward cleaning procedure.


SINGAPORE:PACKAGE is a series of disposable food packaging with a local twist. Inspired by culturally distinct items such as the Chinese lanterns, Malay ketupats and Indian rangoli, it aims to help Singaporeans understand one another’s culture and foster racial appreciation through the sense of nostalgia evoked from the usage of these packagings. This project hopes to build relationships and create memories through food. The food packaging also doubles as a means to creating an activity for people to do together.
Designed with Ching Soon Tiac

Bronchoscopy Simulator

This Bronchoscopy Simulator aims to provide a sustainable, more holistic experience for resident doctor. There are 4 main segments, the nasal cavity, vocal cords, upper bronchial and lower bronchial branches. They aim to simulate the complexity in having to navigate around the turbinates and improve control and manuevering, simulate the opening and closing of vocal cords, allow for transbronchial needle aspiration procedures (TBNA) practice, improve muscle memory as well as build a stronger 3D mental model.The modularity of this concept allows for alternative scenario procedures by replacing with other modules that facilitate biopsies etc.

In collaboration with NUH
Designed with Nora Fong and Loke Ying Zhen